COMINPARFUM sprang from enthusiasm,  creative energy and  passion for italian quality. Our company works in the cosmetic, toiletries and home detergents sectors. it offers different lines of products guaranteed from the prestige and the quality of our brands give perfumes to ideas and creates innovation are our company mission.
Great strong point is the constant creation of low cost products with high quality standards our products are all made in italy and respect in force european regulation the quality of products and the professional costumer service are the main goals of our company, reacheable thanks to the know how and competence of all our sections: from administration to commercial section, from the marketing office to the research and development office, from the graphic studio to the logistical area

The constant monotoring of the italian and european markets permit to follow and reveal in advance the market requests.

Our marketing office support constantly creative ideas for the development of home care, personal care and oral care products

Our creativity is supported from competence, passion and dedication this is what distinguish our company.

Our costumers and partners know our destination and how we want to achieve it